The Catskills are a place I've wanted to visit for a while, thanks to ultra-chic @andnorth and @thisoldhudson, so when Mike and I decided that we wanted to take an off-the-grid cabin getaway, I knew just where we'd end up. What's so great about this expansive area of New York is that it includes many different towns over a large geographic space, so you have options as to what type of visit you'd like to have. While I made an 'Upstate New York' map on Google that included pins hours apart (yes, that's how I plan my travels...), we decided that a remote destination is what we were looking for, with a pit stop in Hudson along the way.


Located in the town of Bloomville, Table on Ten is a bed and breakfast and restaurant specializing in brunch and wood-oven pizzas. We stayed in their cabin, which was ten minutes away from the main bnb in South Kortright. We had private acres of land to ourselves, complete with a fire pit, picnic table and wild berries. There are tons of amazing Airbnbs for this area, so I recommend scanning all of the options to find the one you like best. If you’re looking for something slightly less remote, hotels that I discovered in my searches were The Graham and Co., Roundhouse, WM Farmer and Sons, and The Villas at Saugerties. Maybe next time!

Cabin in the Catskills, NY | Jess Lambi


Staying in the country meant we did a lot of relaxing; playing cards, reading, napping. It was quite the change of pace. Outside of that, we spent our mornings hiking. We did the Bramley Mountain loop and the Mine Kills Falls trail. Both were fairly short (three miles or so great for unseasoned hikers like us) and had wonderful views. I really enjoyed the Mine Kill Falls trail — there were tons of streams, foot bridges and other things to explore that kept the hike exciting. Other hikes on my list that we didn’t complete (so don’t take my word for it!) were Breakneck Ridge and Kaaterskill Falls. In the evenings, we went out to dinner. I highly (highly) recommend Brushland Eating House and, of course, Table on Ten for a casual pizza dinner straight from their pizza oven.


Our day in Hudson was the time we set aside to hop around and explore-- there is no shortage of shopping and eating to be done here! We had lunch at Le Perche, beers at the Spotty Dog (books and bar!!!), picked up food at Talbot & Arding and Olde Hudson and browsed around the cutest shops like Homemade Hudson, Minna and Hawkins NY. I cannot wait to visit again -- there’s so much more to Hudson that we didn’t see. I can imagine that fall is a beautiful time to go, just as summer was…