Cold. Is. Here. It’s supposed to be particularly brutal this year, which I’m not exactly thrilled about, but up until January, I am usually in winter mode. Bring on the snow! By now, you may have heard me mention that I’ve been investing in five pieces per season to freshen up my wardrobe while also putting a cap on things that I buy. So far I’ve only gotten two, as I’m kind of unsure what else I will need…or, maybe I’ll find that I won’t need anything!


First Rite Clothing Twill Work Jacket | You may have seen on my Instagram post a few weeks ago that I often make wish lists before purchasing clothing, and a piece from First Rite has been on my list for a very. long. time. I was so happy to order a work jacket in camel this month. I really like keeping my eye out for items that have impeccable quality, a timeless design, but also some unique elements like these asymmetrical pockets, and here it is. I could not be happier! This thing is going to be on high repeat for years to come.

Mejuri pieces | You guys know how much I love Mejuri. Loooove Mejuri. Such great quality, for amazing prices. I would say 80% of my jewelry is from this Toronto-based, sustainably-focused brand and I really appreciate that all of their pieces have become like a second skin to me. I wear them day in and day out, and really do not feel like I need anything else to complete everyday jewelry collection. I love these earrings in particular because they’re a little more elevated than my everyday, but also minimal and understated.

In addition to new pieces, my winter wardrobe consists of staple pieces that I wear season after season. Read about what they are over on my post for Jess Ann Kirby here.