If you’ve followed me for a while, some of my most loved sustainable brands may not be much of a surprise... But when I had the opportunity to share my favorites on a platform as big as Jess Kirby’s, it was pretty exciting. If one person is inclined to shop from a sustainable brand because of that post, it would be successful in my book! Check out the post for some more information about my absolute favorites, and click through all of my go-to sustainable brands below.


Cold. Is. Here. It’s supposed to be particularly brutal this year, which I’m not exactly thrilled about, but up until January, I am usually in winter mode. Bring on the snow! By now, you may have heard me mention that I’ve been investing in five pieces per season to freshen up my wardrobe while also putting a cap on things that I buy. So far I’ve only gotten two, as I’m kind of unsure what else I will need…or, maybe I’ll find that I won’t need anything!


First Rite Clothing Twill Work Jacket | You may have seen on my Instagram post a few weeks ago that I often make wish lists before purchasing clothing, and a piece from First Rite has been on my list for a very. long. time. I was so happy to order a work jacket in camel this month. I really like keeping my eye out for items that have impeccable quality, a timeless design, but also some unique elements like these asymmetrical pockets, and here it is. I could not be happier! This thing is going to be on high repeat for years to come.

Mejuri pieces | You guys know how much I love Mejuri. Loooove Mejuri. Such great quality, for amazing prices. I would say 80% of my jewelry is from this Toronto-based, sustainably-focused brand and I really appreciate that all of their pieces have become like a second skin to me. I wear them day in and day out, and really do not feel like I need anything else to complete everyday jewelry collection. I love these earrings in particular because they’re a little more elevated than my everyday, but also minimal and understated.

In addition to new pieces, my winter wardrobe consists of staple pieces that I wear season after season. Read about what they are over on my post for Jess Ann Kirby here.


One of my New Year's resolutions is to infuse just a little more color into my wardrobe. As someone who is constantly trying to pair down my closet, you can imagine how I'm still a little hesitant. But, thanks to my love of this duster, I've begun to incorporate brown/rust and beiges into my closet. I can still wear these shades as a neutral, and that's the end-game for me! 

I styled these sateen pants with a white and denim look to stay grounded in what makes me feel comfortable (um..basics and the gray scale). And, guys, if you haven't heard of Grana, here I am to introduce you. Ethical and sustainable but also completely price transparent, this brand offers awesome quality pieces for a steal. This one is their Mongolian cashmere crew neck

Jessica Lambi Madewell Spring Outfit .jpg
Jessica Lambi Spring Style Outfit.jpg

VETTA CAPSULE // One Sweater, Three Ways

For brands that create true capsule collections, the goal is for one piece of clothing to work in a multitude of ways, so it can multiply your closet ten-fold. Enter this season's pieces from Vetta Capsule. (My love affair with them continues...)

The Oversized Sweater in particular was a piece that I just had to have. It's a turtleneck, pullover and cardigan all in one. No need for another sweater this fall! Check out how I styled it three ways:

As a crewneck sweater with a knit midi skirt and belt...

As a turtleneck with ripped jeans and sneakers...

And as a cardigan over a jumpsuit.

Plus, it's safe to say I can wear this piece 100 more ways. (So worth the $$!) What item in your closet can you style with almost any outfit?

Button-down: Uniqlo | Belt: Urban Outfitters | Knit Skirt: Uniqlo | Booties: Frye | Jeans: Madewell | Crossbody Bag: Madewell| Sneakers: Vans | Jumpsuit: J. Crew


I'll admit: I am not one for festive dressing. My participation at themed events normally maxes out at a muted color that resembles whatever is being celebrated, covered by a mix of black and white. (IE: a red bandana for the 4th of July with a white dress or a dark wash chambray button-down for a Sox game.) Plus, as an advocate for a capsule(ish) wardrobe, I'm bound to get 20x more use out of a white top than a bright red one!

Outside of the color requirement, I generally just... don't like rules when it comes to fashion! But, here I am, embracing the coming of October in a downright witchy fall look, all pieces of which, except the shoes, have been closet staples for a while and are still available for purchase, if you're interested!

(PS This awesome duster is from Vetta's 2016 fall capsule, I can't wait to share how I'm styling my favorite piece from their 2017 Minimalist Collection. Stay tuned for my next post!)

Button-down shirt: Uniqlo (old) | Duster Jacket: Vetta | Jeans: Madewell | Boots: Frye | Hat: Goorin Bros.